SSG W.C. Swiderski

I want to thank you for your superior product. I had serious foot pain from wearing the standard issue Army boots. I tried your Ripple sole boots and after just 1 week the pain went away and I never needed treatment again. I wore those boots out my first year in Iraq and am on my second pair now. I leave for Iraq again the 1st of August and will buying a fresh pair prior to leaving. Additionally, I have 2 Sons in the Military and will be buying them their 1st of many pairs of boots to come.

John A.

I’ve always loved Altama boots, but this level of customer service just takes you guys right and over the top.

An Airman in the USAF

I’ve been faithfully wearing your jungle boots, whether at home station (Altama item # 4155) or deployed in support of 21 years of conflict (Altama item # 4156). Your boots are second-to-none.

Thanks again for an outstanding product! I have stood in your boots in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the mountains of Afghanistan, the rural cities of South Korea and everywhere in-between to include my current assignment on the Island of Oahu and wouldn’t think of buying any other boot.

Jon Zieten, Cape Coral, FL I’ve got to say you guys are fast and VERY good with your customer service. Best ever! I’m really happy with the boots the service EVERYTHING. You guys are great!

I’ve had a pair of your jungle boots for ten years and loved them. Best boots I ever had. Wore them through six years in the Guard, five years of bartending, hiking, camping, and they got more comfortable every time I put them on.

MSgt Gomez, USAFR

Thank you for your support of all of us that serve our country; you all make our life so comfortable. ALTAMA will always be my number one choice for military footwear; simply stated…others don’t come close.


ALTAMA will be remembered in our next purchases—and your Customer Service!


Your customer service is the best of any company I have dealt with, thank you.

MAJ Spangberg

I love your products and have been wearing them since I joined the army in 1988! You guys are the best!

Captain Hemphill

I got the boots yesterday and they are GREAT!!! I have stood in 4-5 inches of water with no leaking. The minute I put them on, they were broken in. They are as light as tennis shoes and tough as nails.

S. Csizmadia

I have used these boots since 1997. Thank You Very Much! You Guys are GREAT.


The boots live up to the reputation! Great products!

Captain Williams

Just received my new order today and I couldn’t be happier. Love these shoes, so comfortable. They are perfect, wonderful and outstanding.

Wilson Wilderness - Jake Wilson

First let me begin by saying, I am honored to be wearing the same type of boot, as our boys and girls fighting over seas. To those who are stomping through the sand proudly let me say “Semper Fi”!

Altama Boots is an Official Manufacturer for the United States Department of Defense. That reason alone should kick you in the butt enough to want a pair of these boots. How ever if you need a little bit more of a shove, then let me give you a hand there. Now the model 5852 Tan Desert Vulcanized boot is just that, a desert boot. Well that wasn’t good enough for me, I had to find out how well they did in the snow. So I brought them along on my trip to Red Feather Lakes, CO. I was extremely impressed with how well a desert designed tread (Panama tread pattern) kept traction in the snow. The 5852 also did extremely well keeping me from falling on my butt when walking across the frozen lake that sits near my Uncle’s house.

The one complaint I had about this desert boot was, my feet were cold. I should have known, desert boots are meant for the desert, not the snow. Well I have had these boots for a few months now, and right out of the box they were extremely comfortable. Heck even after hiking, and walking about 20 miles in them, not only in desert terrain, but snowy Colorado Rocky mountain terrain as well.

I have to say hands down the Altama boots model 5852 are some of the most comfortable boots I have ever had the privelage of putting my feet in!The boots are approximately 8 inches high, are made from highly durable cordura and suede leather, and feature a Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System. Now the model 5852 sells for $89.99 at www.altama.com you can also find just about any other boot to fit your personal need!! I for one now know, I am an Altama customer for life!

R. Nelson

I have been wearing Altama combat boots daily since my introduction to them in Parris Island back in the 70’s. I continued wearing these boots throughout my law enforcement career during the 80’ s and 90’s. I still wear my Altama combat boots each and every day. I continue to wear them because they provide outstanding ankle support and protection, and are absolutely the most comfortable and durable footwear I’ve experienced in my life (I’ve even purchased them for my girlfriend and, much later, for my three boys…). Keep up the good work!

Wilson Wilderness - Jake Wilson

I have been stomping around the city and the desert for about 3 weeks now wearing Altama’s Panamoc shoe.  I can’t say enough about the level of comfort I have felt while wearing these shoes.  In the city I literally feel like I am walking on a cushion of support, and in the desert during hikes I feel like I am walking above the terrain.  Normally in a shoe you will feel the rocks and pebbles as you walk over them.  Well so far I have hiked about 9 miles while wearing the Panamocs. With all that hiking, the Panamocs still feel as comfortable as the day I first put them on!  Altama’s commitment to excellence has me sold, I don’t think I could ever find another company to match their comfort and quality.  Plus the tread on the Panamocs has so much grip, that I could literally hike up inclines with out a hiking pole or staff.  If you are looking for some very comfortable everyday, every terrain style of shoes, then I highly recommend picking up a pair of Panamocs.  They retail for $99.99 and can be purchased from www.altama.com. So far, the four trips I have taken out into the bush have been no match for the Panamocs.  I will be looking for a more challenging area but I highly doubt the Panamocs won’t perform above and beyond their intended use. This has been the first review of 2010 for Wilson’s Wilderness, please come back for more gear reviews and thank you for stopping by.

Sgt. Stone

Altama has the #1 customer service in the business. Altama truly sets the standard in what customer service is all about. I just wish other companies would hold their standards as high as your company does.

Sgt. Tant

I want to take the time to thank your entire staff! Don’t often run into a company that has integrity, but I am glad I did this time! Serious props to you and the Altama crew; you have a walking billboard in me!

SSG Blake

“We were issued one of your competitors brand of boots during our deployment, and both pair I received are still new, in the box. Never bothered wearing them because the Altama’s are so comfortable- like wearing running shoes!”

SSG Blake

“I am in my 3rd pair of original Desert Tan EXOSpeed boots and won’t ever change to a different boot! These things ROCK!!”

J. Grover

“Thank you for your excellent customer service and magnificent products.”

B. Smith

“The boots are ORTHO-TACX. I must comment that these are by far the BEST boot I have ever owned. You can quote me on that. I have worn “Smith & Wesson, Converse, Danners, Belleville’s,” and many more on my daily beat, but NONE have given me the support, flexibility, and traction I have needed other than these boots. PLEASE continue to produce and sell these boots for I will be a faithful customer that will continue to buy them, and tell others to do the same."


Love my Panamocs!

M. Cortez

Just thought you should know that your products are great and your people are the best!

I am wearing the Panamocs currently and love them! I really like the Hoplites also, they are one of the most comfortable boots that I have ever worn!


I’ve been using Altama products for the last 12 of my 24 years in the service!

Thanks for making a great, comfortable product that’s as hard working as the Servicemembers who wear them.

D. Simonson

I want to thank your company for all the support you give the military! I am a security forces member in the Air Force and my unit just returned home last September, after a 9 month deployment in Iraq. Thanks for the support and a great boot!!!!!!

Pte Jason Webber

The Ripple Sole Deserts are not only the finest pair of desert boots, but the finest pair of combat boots I have ever worn.

SSG Brad Ripley

Your boots are the best I have ever owned. Thank you for making an awesome product.


I love your boots. In fact, some of my Marines have taken my lead and have ordered boots from you. Altama is ‘quality,’ defined!

E.J. Medina

I am a Marine and have been in the military for the past seven years. I have owned many pairs of your boots, specifically the all leather black mil-spec boots. I have always been satisifed with the type and quality of boots you have provided throughout the years because they have proven to be durable and have saved my feet and ankles on many occassions.


I got a pair of Tan EXOSpeed Boots and all I have to say is they are far by far the best pair of boots, shoes or anything else I’ve ever put on my feet.

SSG Charpia, Carl R Jr

Over the weekend, I bought your EXOSpeed Boots. I have bought so many different boots in hopes that my feet would get some relief. Today was my day. My feet have never felt so good. I would like to say thank you for making such a great boot.

William, Active Military

You guys ROCK!!!! I will use these bad boys the whole time I am there…

Cpl Duchesne-Tanguay, JMA

I received my ALTAMA boots last week and I would like to say that they are the best I’ve ever worn. I’m in the Canadian Military as an Infantry soldier and they are exactly what we need for this job.

Jake Wilson

The Mountain Hiker boot fits perfectly, felt like they were molded to my foot! The boot feels like it was a custom hand sewn boot, very good quality in a production boot!

Cory Kvartek

Thank you for allowing us to try your Tan Ortho-TacX boot. You will likely have a few new customers because of our review. Others around us asked us about the boots and we told them what we told you. We like the boots and they are quality. Overall very comfortable and supportive, allowing running in gear fairly easy.

Mark Walsh

Hi, I rarely if ever contact a company about their products, but I recently purchased a pair of Altama exospeed 2 tactical boots and just couldn’t contain myself. I must say, that without exception, they are the best damn boots I have ever owned. They feel great to wear, fit like a glove and are an awesome looking pair of boots for a very functional boot. I will definitely purchase another pair when these ones eventually die. Just want you people to know that you make a great product that is appreciated all over the world, Cheers, Mark ( Sydney, Australia)

R.C. Green

Love your boots, the last pair lasted 10 years.

SGT Reed

Last summer I tested out your ortho-tac-x boots. These were some of the best boots I ever had.

John Cote

Thank You again for your quick and courteous responce to my inquiry. In addition, I would like to once again praise your products as a whole, and now your customer service as well. The triple layer soles on the Desert Combat Boots I purchased in conjunction with the 4157’s and the Jungle boots are amazing.

SGT Thomas Szmagalski

Thank you so much! These Ortho-Tac X boots were really awesome! I will make them my boot of choice until I get out of the military.I really was impressed with the look and the comfort level! Thank you Altama!

Logan Johnson

As a combat infantry veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom 3, I have long since enjoyed the comfort and style of your Altama Ripple Sole combat boots and have recommended your products to many of my fellow brothers-in-arms. I have purchased three pairs of the Desert Ripple Sole boots since sometime in mid-2005.


Today I received my Altama 3LC Black Jungle Mil Spec Boot.
I have been in the military for 14 years, between the Air Force and the Navy. 13 years have been in the Navy, I’ve been on Subs, Military Law Enforcement, Wild Life, in the Forest, In the Desert, on the water, in the water, ice, you name it.
I’ve been issued and have purchased numerous different types of boots, different brands, material, etc. And I just wanted you guys to know, that your boots are without a doubt, my favorite. I may never buy any other brand ever again. I mean WOW. Great product, Great job. Thank you for thinking about us out here and please keep them coming. BZ…

Rico Bertossi

I really appreciate you quick response and action. Due to this excellent customer service, Altama will be my boot of choice in the future. It is nice to see a company stand behind there product. I will be able to buy your boots in the future with confidence.

Kel Ervin

Whilst deployed to Iraq last year, I purchased a pair of your desert 3LC’s – Best boots I’ve ever had the fortune of wearing. Keep up the good work guys, and thank you for doing a stirling job. My only wish would be that you continue to market the product you have and that one day Altama would be the standard issue for our defence force (Here’s my disclaimer – the above is only my personal opinion!)

Jackie Thomas Jr

ALTAMA Boots were the only boots I wore during my 6 years in the Military! Cant beat the Comfort!

I have had a pair of your jungle boots for 9 years and they are still just as comfortable as the day I bought them!. I have literally worn the soles out! I will be shopping for a new pair shortly! They make an awesome warm season hunting boot!

Joel Elsbury

I am an EXTREMELY SATISFIED wearer of the 3LC™ Tan Desert Mil Spec Boot. To put it plainly, it’s the BEST footwear I’ve EVER owned in my life. As a volleyball player who has been wearing custom shoes for over 20 years, that’s actually saying quite a bit about your boot!

I love my boots so much, that within less than 2 months of owning them, I convinced five other Airmen to purchase the same boot.

David Mason

I have had many boots over the years but yours are by far the best ever! Recently I had an opportunity to join a multi agency task force eradicating marijuana from the National Forest. We humped up and down steep hillsides, through loose rock, dust, brush, etc for 12 hours. At the end of the day, I was the only one not complaining about my feet, thanks to my 4157’s. No blisters, no sore spots, no pebbles inside; just comfortable feet. Thank you for making a superior Boot.

Mick Felker

I just want to thank you for a great pair of boots. I purchased a pair your ripple desert boots 5 months ago and they are the best boot I have ever worn. I am shipping back to Iraq late this year and will be purchasing another pair soon. Thanks for all you do to support us, being in the infantry we walk everywhere, and I’m sure you understand how important it is to us to have a comfortable pair of boots on our feet.

Thomas Dicker

I did receive 2 pairs of LITESpeed boots from your company. I have had an opportunity to wear both boots, both in patrol and in tactical type situations. The boots do appear to run a little wide. Actually a good thing for me since I have such a wide foot and generally tend to have a problem with boots being narrow. However these boots were even a little wide for my foot. Right of the bat I found that the boots are incredibly convenient. I realize that Altama may not have been the first company to put a zipper in a boot. However I have worn many boots that zipped up the side and found this zipper system to be much more efficient. Normally boots that have zippers I always have to unzip and untie them to get them to fit my foot right. With both the high and low pair of ALTAMA’s I have not had to untie the boot once. The zipper has sufficed while keeping the boot comfortable and maintaining a good fit. This is completely unique to any boot I have worn in 7+ years in the police world (that’s a lot of boots).
The boots proved to be very light providing much needed comfort. In the SWAT world you need to almost be able to forget that you are wearing boots, and in no way can have boots that hamper your abilities in any way. I almost had that feeling with these boots. Maybe they still need to be broken in a little more…the boots are newer still and I have not had a chance to completely break in both pairs. I did get a chance to go on numerous runs with the boots. Even, new, out of the box, my feet did not feel uncomfortable or blister in any way. It does take a while to get a feel for you exact feelings on a boot, however I would definitely rank both the high and short version of ALTAMA LITESpeed boots right up there with some of the best boots I have worn.
Another great quality of these boots is their ability to be so useful in the tactical world but still take a shine for the patrol side of things.

Thanks again for the boots. I am still enjoying the comfort and use I am getting out of them and will be sure to spread the good word with fellow officers and teammates as new gear is constantly talked about at each meeting. If you have any other questions of my or need any more feedback feel free to contact me at any time.

SFC Parra

I ordered a pair of boots this past January, the Tactical Tan Desert 8” EXO Speed. I have worn Altama boots for some time now and I love them! They far exceed what the Army issues to us. I wear these boots about 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and other Soldiers ask me about them just about every day. I have shared your website with a number of other Soldiers who have ordered from you guys. These boots have the comfort of athletic shoes but the durability of a high quality combat boot. I have actually ran several miles in these boots on several occasions with no follow-on foot or leg discomfort. I can not say enough about them.

Cris Murray

I’ve worn combat boots for thirty years and were them on my job in Iraq. I’ve always used the 4156 Desert boot until my last trip in country I tried other brands. Well, I’m back to the 4156 boots, because they are light weight and comfortable, the other boots I’ve tried have thick soles which make them very heavy. Thanks guys for making a great pair of boots.

Jesus Gonzalez

I recently deployed to Iraq and prior to deployment I needed to purchase a good pair of boots. I have problems with my feet (heel spurs) so I am very picky with my footgear. The pair of EXOSPEED boots that I bought are by far the best boots I have ever worn in my military career (I have proudly served for 19 and a half years). I am a 1st Sergeant of an Infantry company and many of my men also wear this boot and they have the same comments about the EXOSPEED. As a matter of fact, most of us do not even bother wearing the military issue desert boots we received before deploying. Thanks again. If you ever need any thing from me or my men such as testing any equipment, please contact me. God Bless and pray for our troop!


ALTAMA – my thanks. You have put a bounce in my step. Fit is great, and they are comfortable.

I was lacing them up yesterday for the first time and it brought back memories of basic NROTC training which I completed the summer before my senior year at Quantico, VA. It was a hot, humid place. We lived in barracks with about 40 of us in double bunks along the walls. Our lives were run by sadistic drill sergeants. Periodically, on random schedules, they would subject us to instant inspections on the parade ground. We never knew when they were coming or what they would be inspecting. When the inspection was announced we had to vacate the barracks, often in the middle of the night and sleep, and show up in formation.

Very kind of you to look out for my boot needs. One of these days I will wear them with a coat and tie (bow) to elevate them socially. And, I have to stand just right so the globe and anchor will show. (I may have to ask my audience to bend down a bit to see them, but they will certainly be impressed.)

This old Marine is well pleased.

Lyle Schlueter

Since I started wearing DCU’s about 3 years ago, and now the ACU’s I have wore nothing but Altama boots.
You guys are great! Soldiers’ feet everywhere thank you!

Dan Shaffer

The new boots fit fine and as a former Marine, they really make my feet look great!
I am proud to wear your boots and shirt-thank you.


My husband tried them on…he wore them the rest of the day..put them on again in the morning and didn’t get out of them until 9 that night.. I don’t know of any pair of new shoes that can be treated that way with comfort!! He works
outside, hunts, farms and anything else that keeps him outdoors. So to say he was pleased would be an understatement. Of course he let the guys at work all know what he was wearing (so clean that they all knew they were new boots). So you got a bit of advertising there!! Thanks again for everything…


THANK YOU Altama: I really appreciate your time and the quick response to my request. I served in the Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper and I refuse to get any other brand boot. Altama has been and will be my #1 choice for boots …. and it turns out that your customer service is top notch. Thanks again!

CPT Martin

Once again your EXO II boots lived up to there repuation and performed great, everyone on the team agress they are by far the most comfortable boots any of ous have every worn.

Brad Copelin

I am a Sergeant Major (E8) in the Australian Military Police. In January this year I bought a pair of Ortho-TacX Boots. Let me say in the 24 years I have been a soldier; they are by far the best boots I have ever worn.

I can guarantee that they will be on my feet when I return to Afghanistan for my 2nd tour on OEF.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


I am contacting you to thank you for your product. I have a pair of your boots, and they’ve been kicking for over a year without any problems. I am really rough on my gear, and it’s great to have something I know I can rely on. Also, I love that your boots are made in the US. I recently turned on 2 friends in the USAF to the 3LCs, and they’re loving them as well.


Love my hoplites! Highly Recommend!

Police Gear Weekly

The boot feels much more like a track shoe, and is very light compared to other boots.

O. Zaebst

I can’t complain about the strongest but most comfortable boots i have ever worn. Thanks very much for your very kind customer service!

K. Zmitko

I love your boots! I don’t think I could buy any other kind, they make the greatest work boots ever.

SFC Byers

I am a loyal customer since 1995 after I graduated basic training. I am also a career Soldier, 15 years so far. I have been issued other boots numerous times in the past, but none of which hold a candle to my Altamas.

Tim Stetzer - WoodsMonkey.com

Ask anyone who has spent some time in the service in the past 40 years and chances are they’ve had a pair of Altama boots on their feet at one time or another. My first set of Jungle boots that I picked up back in 1988 at Ft. McClellan, Alabama were Altamas and I ended up putting many, many miles under those boots both in the service and in the woods hunting and camping.

Those same lessons that soldiers have learned in the field, backpackers and hikers know as well. When you spend a lot of time in boots, it’s nice to be able to take them off, let them air out, and slip into something lighter when you get back to camp. That holds just as true at a firebase on an Afghani mountaintop, or in a hunting camp in the Ozarks. The Panamoc was designed by Altama to appeal to our troops in the field but it has a lot to offer to civilians as well. For a second set of footwear to wear around camp, or even as a primary pair of hiking shoes for day trips, wear around the campsite, or to slip on at home for work around the house, the Panamoc has a lot to offer.

Overall, I have to say I really like the concept of the Panamoc a lot. Having a shoe you can slip on quick is great both around the house and around camp. At home I found myself tossing them on any time I had to run outside to get the mail or newspaper, do some stuff around the house, or even when I was making a quick run to the store. Being able to just tug them on and go is great. Like slippers, but for the outdoors! At camp they come into their own even more as far as I’m concerned. The one thing I’ve really learned to cherish in a couple of decades of hiking, military service and police work, is being able to get out of the hot sweaty boots you’ve been wearing for hours on end and to be able to change socks and slip on fresh pair of shoes. I’ve tried all sorts of different things over the years for this but I think the Panamocs may be one of the better solutions I’ve seen. The Panamoc seems to give you the best of both worlds: the full protection of a leather shoe, with the slip on convenience of Crocs or sandals.

D. Perez

I am always hunting or mudding here in the green swamp in mud and water that is up to my knees, your boots have always been very useful to me and easy to clean, but the time has come for a new pair and Altama is definitely what I am getting.


I am currently stationed in Afghanistan. I have been using Altamas and they have been a lifesaver in this combat environment.

D. Fuhr

I am VERY pleased with these boots. I have two pairs. They were exactly what I needed in Afghanistan, and they are great here at home too. They are sturdy, breathe well and are comfortable.

M. Perse

I’d like to say how happy I am with my boot purchase having just returned from a long canoe trip in Minnesota where the boots performed great.

R. Anderson

My feet are happy and hard to please. You folks have done an excellent job!! My new marine corp hot weather boots fit like they were made for my feet. Y’all will be the source of all my boots from now on, Keep up the great work.

Jeffrey Scott Lewis

The best boots designed to survive in Afghanistan! The new “ALTAMA Operation Oasis Mountain Hiker” boot apparently stands up to Afghan rocky deserts better than any other desert boot I have worn. These extremely comfortable boots come with features that will get you through 16 hour long days with remarkable midsole and outsole comfort, style and superior ankle support with a design that’s truly built to last.

SFC John Cleek

You guys gave me good boots, the best, in IRAQ and I will never forget that. Thank you once again for servicing our military.

Heather Smith

Thank you for your continued support of our troops and the wonderful footwear you provide.

N. Chappell

They’re unquestionably the best footwear in the world…I wear them most of the time in the UK, and for frequent research visits to the jungle in Borneo, New Guinea etc. Been doing so for 10-20 years!

SGT Shayne A. Dinkle

I am so impressed, I have been speaking about your boots for a long time. I am an avid ruck marcher and I love them!! This excellent customer svc has made me even prouder to wear your brand of combat boots. I have told everyone I have come in contact with about these boots and the customer svc. I am about to order a new pair. Thank you for your support and support of our nations troops.

SFC Lillibridge

I am a 20-year active veteran Sergeant First Class. I have never worn a better pair of boots than Altama’s.

D. Marchik

I’ve had these boots for several months now, and am as happy with them now as I was when I purchased them. They’ve held up well and are actually a little more comfortable as they continue to get broken in.

Good buy, worth the money, and good customer service.

SFC Lillibridge

You guys need to know, I am sincerely grateful to your company. I’m 44 years old, went over 20 years of active Army service in August of 2010. I am set to retire on 31 JAN 2012. I’ve seen three different sets of uniform changes, worn countless pairs of boots from different manufacture, and this pair is not only the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn, but it’s also the most durable.

Thanks again for your great product. I hope this testimonial enables you to sell more of these Altama boots to the Federal Government. Soldiers need quality equipment they can rely on. I can’t think of a piece of gear more important, more taken for granted, more neglected and more life-saving, than these boots.

D. Ruwaldt

These boots are the best that I have ever owned.

Zachary Nethery

I love your boots and have been wearing them for years as a soldier and now as a police officer. Thank you for making dependable, comfortable, great looking footwear.

1LT John Ellerbe

I just wanted to thank you all for making a great product. In June 2008, I bought a pair of EXOSpeed boots from Commando’s at Fort Benning, Georgia. Those boots made it through Officer Candidate School, 22 weeks of engineer training, Airborne school, 6 months in Afghanistan, and a year of garrison training at my station in Bamberg, Germany. Their durability and comfort were incredible. Thanks again and keep making great products.

MAJ (ret) Eric Shuler

I recently field tested a pair of Altama Tan Desert 8” Hoplite Boots which is a fairly new boot. It is very comfortable and rugged. Most boots involve a break in period however, the Hoplite Boots have the feel of a comfortable pair of walking shoes.
The Hoplite boots weigh about 3.70 pounds(for a size 9R pair) which is slightly heavier than the standard nylon desert boot which weigh about 3.44 pounds(for a size 9R pair). This slight increase in weight gives your foot and ankle more support.
Unlike most desert boots, it has two side vents on one side of the boot, which is for draining the boot. The speed laces make a breeze to put on.
The sole is called shark sand lug which was specially designed for sand. The sole will also help keep the heat from the desert off your feet. The boot has a removable insole which is replaceable.
With so many shoes made overseas, this boot is made in the United States. The Hoplite boot is approved for wear with the Army uniform. While no one pair of boots can meet all the different environmental and terrain demands, the Hoplite boot excels for the desert. I recommend it highly as the support and design is a quantum leap from the nylon desert boots I wore in Iraq.

Michael Alonso

Thank you for your assistance. I will continue to depend on the different ALTAMA boot products available, due to their versatility, suitability, and durability.

Mike Mcknight

Just wanted to complement your products. I just completed Bataan Memorial Death March 2011 at White Sands New Mexico wearing Sage Green EXOSpeed II. I was nervous as they were a week old. I used some conditioner and just went for it. The boots were great. I finished with feet in good order. I am very impressed and a customer from now on. I will complete the Bataan 2012 wearing the same boots.

Tom Mozeleski

I received my ripple boots and they are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. Thank you for a great product.

Steven Sadler

More proof, last weekend I walked the river (not the river bank) for a mile and a half and the inside of my boots (10" ICB’s) were dry. If you go to Altama you don’t go anywhere else.

Steven - Master Chiefs

Altama boots are the best I’ve ever worn. There’s nothing that comes close to Altama for real support, comfort and flexibility all at the same time (I really know my boots) I can actually walk with confidence with Altama boots across the board.

Sal Palma

You guys did a great job with the Gore-Tex Ortho-TacX Boot. I have no doubts that you’ll sell them by the truck load. The boot breaths extremely well and provides great support. I’ve been involved in judo, for sport, since my teens so my ankles have taken a beating; even so, your boot gave me rock-solid support without inhibiting lateral or forward movement excessively. Not the case with some of the so called “tactical boots.” Great job!

Jim Volga

I would just like to say that I love my Altama Desert Exo Speed IIs, very light, durable and well made. You really have a great product here. With so many other brands out there I am glad I chose Altama.

Jeff Hamilton

The Ortho-Tac X is light and agile, provides excellent traction and protection and never fatigued my feet, ankles, knees, legs or back.

I am glad that someone like Altama is putting forth such an effort to produce critical gear to such a high standard and doing so at a cost that the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Operators and Law Enforcement personnel can afford.

Ian Fielder

Honestly, the Ortho-Tac X’s right out of the box, felt better than any other boot I have ever put on my feet.

I highly recommend the Ortho-Tac X boots to anyone looking for a supremely comfortable and functional pair of footwear that will operate in diverse terrains and climates.

Alex Mileham

In a world where customer service is without doubt a rarity, Altama certainly stands out from the crowd from many of the companies I’ve dealt with recently in terms of customer service and speed of response – so thank you for that (added to which you guys make some fantastic boots).

CW3 Montes, US Army

I want to take the time to thank your entire staff! I got the boots today (Item 3658) and they are phenomenal. I’ve always loved Altama boots, but this level of customer service is exceptional. I’ve deployed six times (Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia) where I generally carry a heavy pack and backpack in hot weather. I spend many days in the desert where a good pair of boots is necessary. They have held up very well over my deployments and wouldn’t think of buying any other boots. Thanks again for an outstanding product and excellent Customer Service.

J. Scalice

Just wanted to drop an email to thank you all for one tough pair of boots (#4157). I was issued my first pair of Altama’s when I went to basic at Ft. Benning many years ago. I loved them then and still own a pair that are dated from 1989. You can’t kill these boots!

CPL Waldner

Thanks for the awesome service.
You guys are the best.

I’ll keep passing the word around HHC and to everyone in 3BDE that you guys and your products are the best.

Great to deal with a professional organization.

Thanks again for the support.

Russ Theall

I love your boots..

CPL Waldner

Thanks again for the great service. My feet are loving your Ortho-TacX 3550 boots.


Great, love these boots…


These boots are excellent. They save my foot from bruises from concrete. Love them.


Broke in beautifully, my full time search and rescue wear… Great deal!


Friend, these are a very nice pair of boots.

Jeffrey Scott Lewis

Tackle the harshest terrain–under the heaviest loads–in this uncommonly comfortable boot, shockingly light, fabulously supportive, and zero break-in instant, all-day comfort and superb traction with this ultra light boot….need I say more? A leather slipper with a rubber sole.

Micah Johnson

Dangerous terrain is no obstacle for this performance lightweight boot; this boot contains maximum support, traction, breathability and protection without waffle stomper weight or break-in. Welcome to the new breed of all-terrain performance, any-load boots. This boot is the perfect fit from the first lace-up to the top of the dustiest and coldest mountains. The craftsmanship and ultra light weight mean this boot will go wherever you do.

Donovan McManus

Fit great right out of the box!

Kelly Troy

This is my second pair of these boots and they are very comfortable.


I am a 20 year Army man and this is the Best Darn Boot I have ever worn. This boot and Innersole has put “Swag” in my step. Feels like I am walking on a very firm shock absorbing pad.

B. Washburn

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I like your 4157 model of boots! I was issued these same boots when I was in the Army in 1985. I liked them so much that I even wore them off duty with jeans.

M. Karros

I have ordered 2 pairs of your company’s boots, deserts and all leathers and i am very impressed. The best boots i have ever stepped foot in. You guys do make the best boots, they have held up for well over 2 years now, and show no signs of falling apart yet. ALTAMA will be the only boots I’ll wear probably for the rest of my life, so thanks for making great products.

Greg Sledzinski

Your boots are still the best out there in my opinion. You have a lifelong customer here! A product like Altama’s boots stand strong through Military use to hiking the desert trails.

Charles Winkler

Great boots!

2LT Ethan Mennen

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my pair of Altama boots. I bought them before Ranger school as a backup pair. I ended up wearing them every single day of Ranger school except the days I had to allow them time to dry. I will be buying more in the future.


I had the 4155 style with the panama sole when I was in the Marines and they were the most comfortable i’ve ever worn!

Ryan (from Ohio)

I have been a faithful consumer of your 4156 Desert Mil Spec boots, known to the infantry world as “Jungle Boots”, for years. I just purchased my fifth pair of these boots from you today. The U.S. Army hasn’t issued these boots to soldiers in many years and it’s a shame because they are hands down the best combat boot I have ever worn. I have done 8 – 12 hour foot patrols every day for a year in these boots, and they never cease to amaze me. Every experienced infantryman knows about “jungle boots” and has owned a pair in their career. They are EXTREMELY comfortable right out of the box, very light weight, and they don’t smell (as much) after a year’s use like some other brands. They have that instantly recognizable cool guy sole pattern, and that’s the most important part, looking good while doing your job haha. Altama, you cannot ever take your jungle boots off your product list. They are simply perfect, and loved by many combat veterans. Thank you.


The boots are great! My last pair lasted 5 years wearing everyday.

M.M., Erie PD

Thank you!!!! I recently inquired about purchasing some additional insoles for my Altama 3LC Jungle Boots. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned from vacation and found a package with two pair of insoles waiting for me!
That kind of customer service is rare these days, and it is very much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Ron Rich

As a former marine and now in my personal life, I am a die hard Altama user 365 days a year. I am proud to wear and support your company. Please keep up the amazing support to your customers and our troops.

Allyson Cloninger

I love your company. I own a few pairs of your boots and they are great. They are very comfortable and very durable. They are the best boots on the market and they are my personal favorite to wear.

Mike Swan

The Altama Exospeed II’s are definitely something I can endorse. I have worn these boots with no problems whatsoever. If you want some good boots, Altama is the way to go.

They are, by far, the best boots I have ever worn.

Mike Coogan

I just wanted to drop a line to say how appreciative I am for your boots. I have a pair of US deserts I bought in 1999 in 29 Palms. The sole finally developed a split, after 14 years of use to include with the Marines and now in the PA National Guard. You guys rock!


I bought your boots before I deployed in 2009 and have worn them the entire deployment and up until this weekend when I had to retire them. I am about to order the same boots again and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. No blisters for this soldier! Thank you so much!

Adam Carter

I ordered a pair of LITESpeed boots three months ago for use while riding my motorcycle. I usually ride my bike to work, so I had anticipated and planned on switching to a more comfortable pair when I arrived at my office. From day 1, it became clear that wouldn’t be necessary. These boots are so comfortable that I can wear them on a 12 hour day, and never need a breather. Thanks for your great work and product.

Frank Thompson

I love your products. I served in the Marine Corps from June 1987 to June 1991, where I wore several pair of your boots. I still proudly wear your boots. You make the best products.

Melissa Edwards

I swear by this brand. While everyone else was getting blisters at training this summer, I didn’t get a single one. Shopping for pair number 3 soon.

W. Goergen

I just wanted to rave about your jungle boots. I had my USMC issue pair for 12 years before they died at the hands of a bad cobbler. Best boots I ever owned, and I plan on buying a replacement soon. They survived 8 years of Military svc and another 4 in law enforcement. Bravo.

Cameron West

You guys make great boots and the customer service is impressive, too.

Adam Michael

Please note that I am looking at your Jungle Boots products, based on years of personally positive experiences, for outdoor recreation and wilderness canoe guiding.

I paddled 3000 km (1800 mi) through the Canadian wilderness wearing a pair of your Altama Jungle Boots. I got mild ‘trench foot’ on only one occasion towards the end of that experience, thanks largely to the draining and drying capabilities of your boots. I also didn’t break ankles which I would have done on several occasions had the high boot not been present.

From June 1 to September 1 of this year, I will be spending 110/122 days in a canoe, in the Canadian wilderness, in 20-40 day stints. Your jungle boots are the only ones that I am considering.


Just wanted to let you know that your #4157 combat boots are the best boots I have ever owned. The most comfortable and longest lasting as well. The construction and durability is unsurpassed. I am very grateful that you make such great boots. Thank you.

David N.

Probably the best boots I’ve ever worn since 1990! Light yet strong built and reliable at all times.I have always bought two pairs: One dedicated to outdoor activities all year long and the other one just to define my own style.

J. Buckley

I have been a customer of Altama for a few years now and have been impressed by the quality of the footwear and the ease, and reliability, of the ordering process (also, the free tee shirts are a pretty nice bonus). Now, I am impressed by your customer service. The quick response from Customer Service to acknowledge my request and provide a time frame for fulfillment was great. I don’t know how many times I have e-mailed companies through their “contact us” portal only to have my question or request apparently disappear into thin air. And then, right on time, an e-mail with the invoice. This kind of attention to “non revenue producing” service says a lot about the quality of the company and the people it hires. Keep up the good work folks and I expect we’ll be doing business for many years to come.