Tan Desert Vulcanized Boot

Tan Desert Vulcanized Boot
Style Code: 5852

Ideal for: Light Duty Missions, Uniform Approved

  • On Sale Due to a Discontinued Item
  • Height – 8"
  • Sole Pattern – Panama
  • Tan Desert Cordura® and Suede
  • Collar – Nylon Webbing
  • Outsole – Vulcanized Rubber
  • Midsole – Injection PVC
  • Removable Cushion Insole
  • Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System
“First let me begin by saying, I am honored to be wearing the same type of boot, as our boys and girls fighting over seas. To those who are stomping through the sand proudly let me say "Semper Fi"! Altama Boots is an Official Manufacturer for the United States Department of Defense. That reason alone should kick you in the butt enough to want a pair of these boots. How ever if you need a little bit more of a shove, then let me give you a hand there. Now the model 5852 Tan Desert Vulcanized boot is just that, a desert boot. Well that wasn't good enough for me, I had to find out how well they did in the snow. So I brought them along on my trip to Red Feather Lakes, CO. I was extremely impressed with how well a desert designed tread (Panama tread pattern) kept traction in the snow. The 5852 also did extremely well keeping me from falling on my butt when walking across the frozen lake that sits near my Uncle's house. The one complaint I had about this desert boot was, my feet were cold. I should have known, desert boots are meant for the desert, not the snow. Well I have had these boots for a few months now, and right out of the box they were extremely comfortable. Heck even after hiking, and walking about 20 miles in them, not only in desert terrain, but snowy Colorado Rocky mountain terrain as well. I have to say hands down the Altama boots model 5852 are some of the most comfortable boots I have ever had the privelage of putting my feet in!The boots are approximately 8 inches high, are made from highly durable cordura and suede leather, and feature a Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System. Now the model 5852 sells for $89.99 at www.altama.com you can also find just about any other boot to fit your personal need!! I for one now know, I am an Altama customer for life!” – Wilson Wilderness - Jake Wilson
“My husband tried them on...he wore them the rest of the day..put them on again in the morning and didn't get out of them until 9 that night.. I don't know of any pair of new shoes that can be treated that way with comfort!! He works outside, hunts, farms and anything else that keeps him outdoors. So to say he was pleased would be an understatement. Of course he let the guys at work all know what he was wearing (so clean that they all knew they were new boots). So you got a bit of advertising there!! Thanks again for everything... ” – Anonymous
“Probably the best boots I've ever worn since 1990! Light yet strong built and reliable at all times.I have always bought two pairs: One dedicated to outdoor activities all year long and the other one just to define my own style. ” – David N.