USMC Hot Weather Combat Boot

USMC Hot Weather Combat Boot
Style Code: 4250

Ideal for: Load Bearing Missions, Uniform Approved

  • Height – 9"
  • Sole Pattern – Vibram® Sierra
  • Cordura® & Olive Suede
  • Padded Collar
  • Outsole – Mil Spec Vibram® Sole
  • Midsole – Cushioned Polyurethane
  • Removable Innersole – Cushioned Polyurethane
  • Nylon Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System
  • No Spike Protection
  • In-Step Drainage Vents
  • EGA embossed logo
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in USA
“I love your boots. In fact, some of my Marines have taken my lead and have ordered boots from you. Altama is 'quality,' defined!” – Anonymous
“ALTAMA - my thanks. You have put a bounce in my step. Fit is great, and they are comfortable. I was lacing them up yesterday for the first time and it brought back memories of basic NROTC training which I completed the summer before my senior year at Quantico, VA. It was a hot, humid place. We lived in barracks with about 40 of us in double bunks along the walls. Our lives were run by sadistic drill sergeants. Periodically, on random schedules, they would subject us to instant inspections on the parade ground. We never knew when they were coming or what they would be inspecting. When the inspection was announced we had to vacate the barracks, often in the middle of the night and sleep, and show up in formation. Very kind of you to look out for my boot needs. One of these days I will wear them with a coat and tie (bow) to elevate them socially. And, I have to stand just right so the globe and anchor will show. (I may have to ask my audience to bend down a bit to see them, but they will certainly be impressed.) This old Marine is well pleased.” – Deacon
“The new boots fit fine and as a former Marine, they really make my feet look great! I am proud to wear your boots and shirt-thank you. ” – Dan Shaffer
“My feet are happy and hard to please. You folks have done an excellent job!! My new marine corp hot weather boots fit like they were made for my feet. Y'all will be the source of all my boots from now on, Keep up the great work. ” – R. Anderson
“These boots are the best that I have ever owned. ” – D. Ruwaldt