Tan Desert Mil Spec Boot

Tan Desert Mil Spec Boot
Style Code: 4156

Ideal for: Load Bearing Missions, Uniform Approved

  • Height – 9"
  • Sole Pattern – Panama
  • Tan Desert Cordura® and Suede
  • Padded Collar
  • Outsole – Mil Spec Vulcanized Rubber
  • Midsole Heat Barrier
  • Removable Innersole – Cushioned Polyurethane
  • Coolmax® Lining
  • Nylon Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in USA
“I've been faithfully wearing your jungle boots, whether at home station (Altama item # 4155) or deployed in support of 21 years of conflict (Altama item # 4156). Your boots are second-to-none. Thanks again for an outstanding product! I have stood in your boots in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the mountains of Afghanistan, the rural cities of South Korea and everywhere in-between to include my current assignment on the Island of Oahu and wouldn't think of buying any other boot.” – An Airman in the USAF
“I've worn combat boots for thirty years and were them on my job in Iraq. I've always used the 4156 Desert boot until my last trip in country I tried other brands. Well, I'm back to the 4156 boots, because they are light weight and comfortable, the other boots I've tried have thick soles which make them very heavy. Thanks guys for making a great pair of boots.” – Cris Murray
“They’re unquestionably the best footwear in the world...I wear them most of the time in the UK, and for frequent research visits to the jungle in Borneo, New Guinea etc. Been doing so for 10-20 years! ” – N. Chappell
“I have ordered 2 pairs of your company's boots, deserts and all leathers and i am very impressed. The best boots i have ever stepped foot in. You guys do make the best boots, they have held up for well over 2 years now, and show no signs of falling apart yet. ALTAMA will be the only boots I'll wear probably for the rest of my life, so thanks for making great products. ” – M. Karros
“I have been a faithful consumer of your 4156 Desert Mil Spec boots, known to the infantry world as "Jungle Boots", for years. I just purchased my fifth pair of these boots from you today. The U.S. Army hasn't issued these boots to soldiers in many years and it’s a shame because they are hands down the best combat boot I have ever worn. I have done 8 - 12 hour foot patrols every day for a year in these boots, and they never cease to amaze me. Every experienced infantryman knows about "jungle boots" and has owned a pair in their career. They are EXTREMELY comfortable right out of the box, very light weight, and they don't smell (as much) after a year's use like some other brands. They have that instantly recognizable cool guy sole pattern, and that's the most important part, looking good while doing your job haha. Altama, you cannot ever take your jungle boots off your product list. They are simply perfect, and loved by many combat veterans. Thank you.” – Ryan (from Ohio)
“I just wanted to drop a line to say how appreciative I am for your boots. I have a pair of US deserts I bought in 1999 in 29 Palms. The sole finally developed a split, after 14 years of use to include with the Marines and now in the PA National Guard. You guys rock! ” – Mike Coogan